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Live Wise Book Therapy Collection

At a glance - books relating to grief and loss

Shows the cover of Aftermath by Roe Gary
Shows the cover of Finding a way through when someone close has died by Pat Mood and Lesley Whittaker
Shows the cover of An introduction to coping with grief by Sue Morris
Shows the cover of Heartbroken by Gary Roe
Shows the cover of I wasn't ready to say goodbye by Brook Noel and Pamela D. Blair
Shows the cover of Facing grief by Susan Wallbank
Shows the cover of After suicide by Sheila Clark
Shows the cover of How to go on living when someone you love dies by Therese A. Rando
Shows the cover of Coping with suicide by Maggie Helen
Shows the cover of It's ok that you're not ok by Megan Devine
Shows the cover of Please be patient, I'm grieving by Gary Roe
Surviving the holidays without you by Gary Roe
Shows the cover of The courage to grieve by Judy Tatelbaum
Shows the cover of The grieving teen by Helen Fitzgerald
Shows the cover of The loss that is forever by Maxine Harris
Shows the cover of When children grieve by John W. James; Russell Friedman; Leslie Matthews
Shows the cover of You are not alone by Lynne B. Hughes
Shows the cover of In a dark wood by Joseph Luzzi
Shows the book cover of Never the Same by Donna Schuurman

Grief and Loss

The titles in this section have been divided into the following categories: Children and young people, coping with grief, coping with suicide, loss of a parent and the loss of an intimate partner.


If a title below is listed as an ebook, click on the blue title and author link. Then click 'available online' and click on the ebook link. Enter your DCU username and password if prompted and start reading. Watch our video about finding and accessing ebooks to learn more.

Print titles

The print titles from the Live Wise Book Therapy Collection are located in O'Reilly Library and in Cregan Library. Most of these books are located on one site only, though a small number of titles can be found in both libraries. The library location of each book is included at the end of its description in the guide, click on the blue title and author link to check its availability and exact shelf location in the library. For more information about how to find a print book in the library, watch our locating books on the shelf video. 

Children and young people

Coping with grief

Coping with suicide

Loss of a parent

Loss of an intimate partner

Live Wise Book Therapy Display

The majority of the Live Wise Book Therapy titles located in Cregan Library can be found on these dedicated display shelves on the 2nd floor. The location information at the end of the title description will show you if a title in Cregan Library can be found here, or in the main collection.

Shows two students standing in front of a book case, one is holding a book

Audio visual resources

Watch this video from Megan Devine, author of 'It's ok that you're not ok,' and learn how to support your friends and family through their grief. (03:59)

In this video, Megan Devine discusses how to talk to a grieving person in a way that will support them after a loss. (07:23)

In this PBS broadcast 'Speak your mind - coping with the aftermath of suicide' we hear from two people whose close family members have died by suicide. (28:29)

In this video Gary Roe discusses his book 'Please be patient, I'm grieving.' He talks about how the book will help you to deal with grief in a healthy way or how to support someone who has experience loss (12:16)