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Live Wise Book Therapy Collection

At a glance - books relating to therapy

Maybe you should talk to someone: A therapist, her therapist, and our lives revealed by Lori Gottlieb
Change for the better by Elizabeth Wilde McCormick
Inside therapy: illuminating writings about therapists, patients, and psychotherapy by Ilana Rabinowitz
The gift of therapy: reflections on being a therapist by Irvin D. Yalom
To call myself beloved by Eina McHugh
Think like a shrink and keep yourself sane by Joseph Dunn
The examined life: How we lose and find ourselves by Stephen Grosz
Shows the cover art for Why has nobody told me this before?



If a title below is listed as an ebook, click on the blue title and author link. Then click 'available online' and click on the ebook link. Enter your DCU username and password if prompted and start reading. Watch our video about finding and accessing ebooks to learn more.

Print titles

The print titles from the Live Wise Book Therapy Collection are located in O'Reilly Library and in Cregan Library. Most of these books are located on one site only, though a small number of titles can be found in both libraries. The library location of each book is included at the end of its description in the guide, click on the blue title and author link to check its availability and exact shelf location in the library. For more information about how to find a print book in the library, watch our locating books on the shelf video. 


Audio visual resources

Lori Gottlieb talks about her best-selling book 'Maybe you should talk to someone: A therapist, her therapist, and our lives revealed.' (06:29)

In this video Irvin Yalom MD talks about his book, 'The gift of therapy.' He talks about his work as a psychotherapist and writer and tells stories from his work with patients and from his own life.

The Gift of Therapy: A conversation with Irvin Yalom: MD

Stephen Grosz, author of 'The examined life' talks about the popularity of his best-selling collection of case histories. (12:18)

Dr. Julie Smith, author of 'Why has nobody told me this before?' talks about why trying to be happy all the time is the wrong goal and instead we should learn how to deal with our emotions. (31:38)

Watch this summary of the book 'Why has nobody told me this before? by Dr. Julie Smith. (08:53)

In this 'This morning' broadcast Dr Julie Smith discusses her bestselling book, 'Why has nobody told me this before? (10:10)

In this video Lori Gottlieb, author of 'Maybe you should talk to someone' explains how you can free yourself from your misleading life stories. This will help you to see your life stories clearly, from a different point of view. (16:25)