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Live Wise Book Therapy Collection

At a glance - books relating to addiction

Understanding and Treating Sex and Pornography Addiction by Paula Hall
Controlling your drinking by William R. Miller and Ricardo F. Muñoz
The craving mind by Judson Brewer
In the realm of hungry ghosts by Gabor Maté
Sex addiction: The partner's perspective by Paula Hall
7 tools to beat addiction by Stanton Peele
Adult children of alcoholics by Janet G. Woititz
Recovery: A guide for adult children of alcoholics by Herbert L. Gravitz; Julie D. Bowden
Sex, drugs, gambling, and chocolate by A. Thomas Horvath
Freedom from addiction: The secret behind successful addiction busting by Joe Griffin and Ivan Tyrrell
An introduction to sensible drinking by Marcantonio Spada
Overcoming problem drinking by Marcantonio Spada
The addiction workbook by Patrick Fanning and John O'Neill


The titles in this section have been divided into the following categories: Addiction, alcohol, and sex.


If a title below is listed as an ebook, click on the blue title and author link. Then click 'available online' and click on the ebook link. Enter your DCU username and password if prompted and start reading. Watch our video about finding and accessing ebooks to learn more.

Print titles

The print titles from the Live Wise Book Therapy Collection are located in O'Reilly Library and in Cregan Library. Most of these books are located on one site only, though a small number of titles can be found in both libraries. The library location of each book is included at the end of its description in the guide, click on the blue title and author link to check its availability and exact shelf location in the library. For more information about how to find a print book in the library, watch our locating books on the shelf video. 




Live Wise Book Therapy Display

The majority of the Live Wise Book Therapy titles located in Cregan Library can be found on these dedicated display shelves on the 2nd floor. The location information at the end of the title description will show you if a title in Cregan Library can be found here, or in the main collection.

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Audio visual resources

Watch this short video to understand how addiction starts and how to prevent it. (06:46)

Judson Brewer, author of 'The craving mind' talks about why bad habits form and how we can beat them (09:15)