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Library Services Platform Guide


DCU Library migrated from Capita Alto to ExLibris in 2022, adopting Alma and PrimoVE initially and later Leganto and Rialto products.

Alma is a unified library services platform, allowing for the management of print, electronic and digital materials in a single interface.

PrimoVE (Library Search) utilises the Alma platform to provide a discovery interface, allowing users to interact with the library catalogue.

Leganto is a list management system enabling users to view reading lists via a Virtual Learning Environment.

Rialto is a one-stop vendor-neutral marketplace for academic content from a variety of publishers, aggregators and platforms. A single interface exists for Alma and Rialto which streamlines the entire purchasing process, from search and evaluation, to unified ordering and approval, through checkout and order tracking.

We possess access to both the production (live) and sandbox (testing) environments of Alma, PrimoVE and Leganto. These sandbox environments allow staff to undertake testing of various configurations and front facing elements without impacting on the production (live) data or user interface.

This guide aims to assist Library Staff in locating the training resources available for our existing suite of ExLibris products and to also shed light on the nature of the following with regard to the production and sandbox environments:

  •  release notes
  •  maintenance schedule 
  •  data refreshes to sandbox environments
  •  available communication channels to ask questions and stay up to date with enhancements