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Library Guide for Nursing, Psychotherapy & Community Health

Books & eBooks

Quickly see how to find access our eBook collection, as well as locate physical books within the library

  Check out our LETSbegin module on Locating books and articles from your reading lists as well


The library currently has access to over 150,000 eBooks in our collection, and we are always increasing this number.
All our eBooks can be found using Library Search.
You can use the "Refine your results" filters to limit your search to only eBooks, by selecting 'Online Resources' and 'Books' from the menu when searching.

Click the 'Available Online' link to be brought to the eBook, where you can read the book online, or sometimes download a Chapter as a PDF.
See the video below for a quick guide to Finding and Accessing eBooks, and refining your results.

(eBooks within the Library come from a range of different publishers and sources, so usage and download rights can differ between them. Always be sure to check the information on each eBook you access)

Download eBooks
As seen in the Finding and Accessing eBooks video, sometimes you will see an option to download a full book PDF on a temporary loan basis. This allows you to read the book offline for the length of the loan period. 
This requires the use of a 3rd party software, called Adobe Digital Editions.
This software is FREE to download and use, and you don't need to create an account. This will manage your eBook loans for you, and then delete them once the chosen loan date has expired. Just use the Download Book link and open the downloaded file with Adobe Digital Editions. 
(A download link for Adobe Digital Editions should appear each time you choose the Download Book option.)

Print Books

The Library shelves print books according to their subject matter using the Dewey Decimal Classification System (numbers 000 to 999). Using Dewey allows us to keep similar subject material together as much as possible.
Books related to nursing and medicine are shelved between 610 - 618 (see Shelf Locations below), although relevant books can also appear in other subject areas.

Search for books using Library Search, and see our Getting Started Tutorials for help in finding relevant books across the collection.
You can use the "Refine your results" filters to limit your search to only Books, by selecting 'Books' from the menu when searching.

Copies of all print books are spread between the Main Lending Collection (you may borrow main lending copies for 1 or 3 weeks) and the Short Loan Collection (you can borrow these copies for up to 48 hours) according to demand.
See the Borrow, Return, Renew & Request section on the DCU Library site for more information on borrowing.

Shelf Locations - Check out the Floor Plan for O'Reilly Library here to see where you can find these.


Applied psychology


Occupational ethics




Medicine & Health


Human anatomy, Cytology & Histology


Human physiology 


Personal health and safety


Incidence & prevention of disease


Pharmacology & Therapeutics




Surgery & related medical specialties


Gynaecology, Obstetrics, Paediatrics & Geriatrics