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This guide offers tips about finding resources on the SAGE Research Methods platform in the social sciences

SAGE Research Methods
 is designed for anyone doing or learning how to do research. It provides information on writing a research question, conducting a literature review, choosing a research method, collecting and analysing data, as well as writing up the findings. It covers methods used in the social and behavioural sciences, plus a wide range of methods commonly used in science, technology, medicine, and the humanities.


SAGE Tools

Explore the Methods Map!
Need to find a Method?

Project Planner
This tool is designed to guide you through your research project. Think about what stage you're at in your research. In case you've already started, click on the stage that best describes where you are. If you're just starting out, it might be helpful to read more about why we do research before getting started.


Which Stats Test
Do you know which statistical test you should use to answer your question? Use this simple tool to help narrow down the options!