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Go Open: a beginner's guide to open education

A guide to engaging with open education practices in your teaching, research and support activities

Resources for finding, creating, and using OER

The Creative Commons license wizard is a quick and easy online tool to help you select the correct Creative Commons licence for your needs.

Athlone Institute of Technology OER subject index

Read ALA (2020) Creative Commons for Educators and Librarians available from the Library of Congress website

Resources by The National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

The National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning offers a range of freely available, openly licenced resources on OER and OEP (open educational practice).

A toolkit (2019) includes a 4-step guide to openly licencing your work, and their Using OER and OEP for teaching and learning resource is divided into 4 sections: Understanding open, Using OER, Creating OER, and Using OEP.

After the toolkit in the National Forum OER/OEP series, comes this guide: How to choose an open licence (published in 2020)

See also their webinar series:

Examples of OER

#Openteach: Professional Development for Open Online Educators.  #Openteach is a National Forum funded project that aims to generate new knowledge about effective online teaching practice and support online educators' professional learning. The project has produced several OER to support the enhancement of teaching and learning. 

OpenGame Project Resources – Resources include Handbook of Successful Open Teaching Practices CC BY-NC-ND and Course Curriculum/Content CC BY-NC-SA; OpenGame is an Erasmus+ project aiming to produce an educational game promoting the use of OER and OEP

EDTL Approach (Irish Universities Association) – The EDTL Approach was the Enhancing Digital Teaching and Learning project’s response to the Covid-19 crisis, collaborating across seven universities to produce a set of open resources to support effective remote teaching.