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Library guide for Law & Government research skills

Legal reasoning & analogy

Legal reason: the use of analogy in legal argument
Lloyd L Weinreb
eBook @ URL

2: Analogical Legal Reasoning
4: Analogical Reasoning, Legal Education, and the Rule of Law

The Legal Mind

The legal mind: a new introduction to legal epistemology
Bartosz Brożek
eBook @ URL

2: Imagination

Demystifying legal reasoning
Larry Alexander; Emily Sherwin
eBook @ URL


Research methodology for law


Research methods for law
Michael McConville; Wing Hong Chui
eBook @ URL

1: Qualitative Legal Research
2: Quantitative Legal Research

Law on the Web

Law on the Web: a guide for students and practitioners
S.D. Stein
eBook @ URL

II: Locating Internet Resources
III: Law Internet Resources

An introduction to empirical legal research
Lee Epstein; Andrew Martin
print Book @ URL 

The Oxford handbook of empirical legal research
Herbert M. Kritzer; Peter Cane
print Book @ URL
Empirical Legal Research: A Guidance Book for Lawyers, Legislators and Regulators
Frans L. Leeuw; Hans Schmeets
eBook @ URL
Journal of empirical legal studies
Peer Reviewed

2004 to Present in Wiley Online @ URL

Legal writing

  Strategic legal writing
Donald N Zillman
eBook @ URL


Succesful legal writing
Edwina Higgins
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