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Library guide for Law & Government research skills

LETS is a series of self-paced online tutorials to help you to locate, evaluate and use information effectively.

There are three main sections: LETSbegin, LETSfind and LETScite. Each section has several modules to complete.

You can view each module separately if you have a specific question or view them all.

LETS is hosted on Loop, you will need to login to access the tutorials.

LETSbegin (2 modules)
- Types of information sources
- Locating books and articles from your reading lists

LETSfind (4 modules)
- Introduction to Database Searching
- Effective Search Techniques
- Effective Web Searching
- Be critical: Evaluating sources

Letscite (4 modules)
- What is plagiarism? And how to avoid it
- How to cite and reference
- Paraphrasing
- Reference Management Tools