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Open Access: Green Open Access

Green Open Access undefined

Green Open Access, also referred to as 'Self Archiving' involves publishing in a traditional subscription based journal and then posting a copy of this article on a personal website, subject repository, or institutional repository. This incurs no cost for the author, but matters pertaining to copyright must be considered. Typically publishers do not allow posting of their copy to such repositories, but do allow posting of the author's final (post peer review) working copy or 'Author Accepted Manuscript'.

Publisher copyright policies, and a short summary of what versions are allowed by what journals can be checked prior to self archiving at the "Sherpa/Romeo" service. If you are still unsure please email:

Green Open Access in DCU

Doras undefined

In support of Green OA, DCU has it's own institutional repository, Doras (DCU Online Research Access Service), available here. DCU affiliated researchers are encouraged to avail of Doras should they wish to engage with Green OA. Doras is fully indexed by all the leading Internet search engines, including Google Scholar and can provide statistics on how many times and article/author/school has been downloaded. More details and information on Doras is available here.

How to Upload to Doras