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Dear Students,

Welcome to the Library's Ethics and education libguide!

Here you will find lots of stimulating and engaging books which will support you in teaching ethics in the primary classroom!  As you know from your ethics courses, books are a powerful vehicle through which to explore ethical issues with children.  Books can stimulate children’s curiosity, critical faculties and sensitivity to different systems of belief and ways of thinking and living. They are an excellent stimulus for discussion, providing opportunities to extend pupils’ thinking and questioning skills. They also provide a safe forum for discussing equality and social justice issues. The books that you will find on this page can assist you in fostering democratic citizenship and nurturing a commitment to and respect for diversity, human dignity and human rights among the children in your class. Cross-check a title's availability in the library on Library Search.

We hope that you will find this collection helpful!

Anne Marie, Niamh & Victoria

Contact: Lecturers in ethical and intercultural education, DCU St. Patrick's Campus

Dr. Anne Marie Kavanagh


Niamh McGuirk


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Hello, my name is James Flannery and I am the Subject Librarian for the Institute of Education.

Please get in touch if you have questions about any of the information in this Guide, how to find quality sources for your assignments, or if you have citing and referencing queries. 

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