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This guide pulls together books that could be used to support teaching of English language learners.


Dear Students

Welcome to this Libguide which shows you a sample list of Multicultural and Global Children’s Literature. All these titles have been chosen with English Language Learners (ELLs) in mind. Picture books have huge potential to allow teachers to share intercultural issues with all children as well as teaching the basics of reading and writing in an authentic and enjoyable way. The books selected can be used as you plan an Interactive Readaloud for your class and/or provide opportunities for re-reading, expanding vocabulary and developing critical thinking. As you know from your Literacy Specialism for ELLs, finding one’s cultural and linguistic identity and learning to fit in is an issue for many pupils. The metaphor of “windows and mirrors” was originally used to explain the ways in which children experience other cultures and see their own culture reflected and validated through the books they read (Bishop, 1982). Multicultural books help ALL children to develop their critical thinking skills.

As many ELLs are reading in their second language (L2) multicultural books can help children to make connections to their heritage language and culture. The books included on this page can help you through repeated reading to provide a context for discussion of feelings, experiences, differences and similarities among the pupils, and also to develop their critical thinking skills.

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