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Library Guide for Gaeilge [as Béarla]

Why cite and reference your sources?

As you write your essays, it's important that you acknowledge the books, journal articles, and any other sources you consult in the course of your research. You do this to show your lecturers what you've read, and most importantly to respectfully nod to the work and ideas of other people; this is a matter of academic integrity. Failure to acknowledge your sources implies a) that you haven't done any background reading or research, and b) that all of the ideas you put forward are your own. If you consult sources and draw on the ideas of other people but don't acknowledge them, it's plagiarism. Always, always cite and reference your sources.


The style guide DCU Library recommends for Harvard is Cite Them Right Online

Cite Them Right is accessed on and off campus via the A-Z Databases tab on Library Search. Providing the most up to date and accurate information, this is a really important resource for all your referencing needs. You can:

  1. create a reference for a wide range of source types
  2. build your reference on screen to make sure it is correct
  3. cut and paste the created reference into your assignment
This short video shows you how to cite and reference a journal article in Harvard style