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OA Publishing Agreements

A list of OA publishing agreements open to DCU authors

Open Access Publishing Agreements

Current Open Access Publishing Agreements

Please Note: 6/10/2021 The following limited waiver agreements are nearing exhaustion for 2021...


From January 2022, they will resume offering OA with a fresh 2022 allocation. For more information and advice on alternative routes to open access please contact: Fran Callaghan (01) 7008746

The following publishers have Open Access Publishing Agreements in place with DCU (via the IReL consortium), allowing authors to publish their articles Open Access in (some of) their journal titles at no additional cost to the author. In total, these agreements cover almost 10,000 individual journals titles, all searchable here.  In all cases the time frame of the agreement and the instructions for authors are given. Individual deal details are available from the left hand side panel. Where instructions are unclear, or for any further guidance or clarification please contact the Research Communications Librarian, Fran Callaghan ( +353 1 7008746)

What is a (Open Access Publishing) Transformative Agreement?

Transformative publisher agreements shift the “business model underlying scholarly journal publishing, moving from one based on toll access (subscription) to one in which publishers are remunerated a fair price for their open access publishing services”.