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Zotero citation management: Adding sources

Collecting sources automatically

Zotero detects when you are looking at a source on the Web (e.g. an article in a subscription database, the Irish Times, a book in on in the DCU Library Catalogue, in WorldCat or Amazon etc.); Zotero allows you to add any online source to your library with just one click.

Collecting References: Articles
The Zotero icon resembles an article page in this instance. Note that the icon changes according to the type of source (citation) you are dealing with (e.g. article, book, website etc.)

Adding multiple sources in one go

If you are on a page of search results with many items (e.g. via the DCU Library Catalogue), you'll see a folder icon in the browser bar. Click this to get a list of all the items on the page, and check off the ones you would like to save.

Collecting sources manually

If an "add to Zotero" icons is not available in the URL address bar or if you would like to add the (source) citation information for something that is sitting on your desk, click the green circle on the Zotero toolbar to manually add items to your Zotero library.

Creating ref items from Websites

To add a website that does not display a Zotero icon in the URL bar (see Article example), right-click anywhere on the website and use the Zotero menu option.

The page title, the website URL and time added will automatically be downloaded. Add additional field information if needed by clicking on the appropriate fields in the right-hand pane.