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Teaching topic: The 1916 Rising: Drama

This guide pulls together resources on the 1916 Rising for teaching purposes.

Abbey Theatre

Me, Mollser

4 drama schemes for teachers here:

  • Life in tenements
  • Dublin lockout
  • GPO 1916
  • Buy your rights

The plough and the stars by Sean O'Casey

Maloney's dream / Brionglóid Maloney

Maloney’s Dream was a theatre show commemorating the 1916 rising. The show was bilingual, aimed at children aged 8 years+ and jam packed with live music, physical theatre and puppetry. In the show, Thaddeus Maloney had a dream to open a new hotel on Sackville St (now O’Connell Street) but the events of that week impacted his plans. Branar's engaging production showed how the events of 1916 can be brought dramatically alive for primary school children. 

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