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Applied Language & Intercultural Studies Subject Guide: Books

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Dewey shelf marks

Most Applied Language and Intercultural Studies books are located on the first floor of the Glasnevin library.

Subject Class Number
Chines Dictionaries REF 495.1321
Chinese Literature 895.1
Comparative Literature 809
Culture & Language 306.44
Discourse Analysis 401.41
English Dictionaries REF 423
French Dictionaries REF 443
French Literature 840-848
German Dictionaries REF 433
German Literature 830-839
Intercultural Communication 303.842
Japanese Dictionaries REF 495.6321
Linguistics 410-419
Machine Translation 418.02
Multilingual Dictionaries 302.2
Multiculturalism - Sociology 305.8
Science & Society 501
Sociolinguistics 401.9
Spanish Dictionaries REF 463
Spanish Literature 860-868
Translating & Interpreting 418.02


Where to look for books and ebooks

The Library shelves print books according to their subject matter using the Dewey Decimal Classification System (numbers 000 to 999) so that like-material sits in close proximity on the shelf in the Glasnevin Library.

Copies of the print collection are spread between the Main Lending Collection (you may borrow main lending copies for 1 or 3 weeks) and the Short Loan Collection (borrow these copies for 48 hours) according to demand. Check the catalogue for availability. 

The Library now has access to over 150,000 e-books, all of which are searchable via the catalogue. When you search the Library catalogue for a title or keyword, you will find that an increasing number of records are for an "e-book". This means that by clicking on the link within one of these records, you can read that book online. Note the option to filter your search results by selecting e-books from the collection menu on the left. If you access an e-book from an off-campus location you will be prompted for your DCU username and password.

Consult the Library Quick Guide to learn more.


JSTOR is a highly selective digital library of academic content in many formats and disciplines. The collections include top peer-reviewed scholarly journals as well as respected literary journals, academic monographs, research reports from trusted institutes, and primary sources.

Check out JSTOR Support for a practical overview, advice on effective advanced searching and more...

Video help

These videos will show you how to find a book on the shelf and borrow it using the self-issue machines; click on the second video to find out how to access an eBook.