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Communications Subject Guide: Databases

Using keywords for database searches

7 step strategy:

LETS tutorial - LETS find


LETSfind 4 modules:

LETSfind will show you how to search for and evaluate information for your assignments outside of your modules' reading lists.
          You will learn how to: 

  • run simple and more advanced searches with the Library's journal databases
  • find articles using the Find Articles tab on the Library homepage
  • use Google Scholar and become familiar with our tips and tricks for better Web searching
  • make sure you're finding the most appropriatehigh-quality information you need for your assignments 

What's a database?

Before databases came along, we relied on print indexes, abstractscontents pages, and a whole lot of reading when trying to find material relevant to our research.

Databases are incredibly powerful information retrieval engines that allow us to search the content of thousands of journal articles by keyword, as well as provide us with electronic access to the full text of many of them. Some databases are multi-disciplinary whilst others are discipline-specific. 

Lots of our databases are made available to us via the nationally funded IReL consortium (IReL stands for the Irish Research eLibrary), some we subscribe to as an institution; others are freely available online.

Below are databases we recommend for finding journal articles on communication, journalism and multimedia topics.

Databases we recommend for communication topics - start searching here

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