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Alexander Kouker
O'Reilly Library, Glasnevin Campus |
Subjects: Law & GovernmentCommunicationsApplied Language & Intercultural Studies
Interests: Research MethodsBloggingPublishing

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Image: Leinster House, Dublin by Tebibyte made available via Creative Commons attribution-share alike licence

Welcome! This guide points to the wide range of high quality Library resources available for law and government.

The Library holds lots of books, journal articles, government publications that will help you in your studies. We'll show you how to sift efficiently and critically through information on the internet so that you can go straight to what you need. Ask us about citing and referencing your sources - we can help with that too!

This guide will help you find material on your reading list and begin independent research.

Click through the tabs to learn more about:

  • finding books and ebooks
  • finding a specific journal article
  • finding journal articles on a topic (by searching a database)
  • citing and referencing your sources


Below is a word cloud showing some of the key concepts in law and government. To get started, search for these keywords in our catalogue (for books) and databases (for journal articles); click through the tabs at the top of this page to find out more.

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