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Find published market research: Market research reports

by Jack Hyland

What are market research reports?

These are concise, readable and up-to-date summaries covering specific markets and regions created by specialist market research publishers like Euromonitor or Gartner. They may be a combination of original research conducted by the authors or summaries and analysis of existing research and data from sources including:

  • National statistics offices

  • Company financial data and reports

  • Interviews with people in the trade

  • Summaries of business news


Here's an an example of a market search report.


Reports are the best source for market research but they are usually not freely available online. For example, I ran this search on Google recently:

And this was a typical search result I found:

Note the price! Its typical to pay between €300 and €5,000 for a report that may be only ten pages long. This is because these reports tend to be very market specific, they have short shelf-lives and they're created for industry. If you Google for market research with a specific report in mind, you'll probably find exactly what you want, but it will be behind a paywall.

Passport and Business Source Complete

As DCU students you have free access to reports from two sources, Passport and to a lesser extent via Business Source Complete. Here's a short introduction to using Passport:


If you can't get access to a report that has exactly what you want, try broadening your search. For example, if you're looking for info on the market for flat-screen TVs in the UK and you get nothing, try broadening your search geographically (flat-screen TVs in Western Europe) or by market (consumer electronics in the UK).